Operating an agricultural business is unique.

Income fluctuate with market condition affecting selling price; weather affecting the production level. Certain agribusinesses income is also affected by quota and / or other government-imposed regulation.

Not only is the income seasonal, but most agricultural businesses are also experiencing difficulties in getting people to help them with work around the farm. Some agribusinesses have large financing obligation as a result of machineries, equipment, and properties acquisition.

At USEA, our accountants specialise in agricultural-related accounting and advisory, helping fruit and vegetable growers, market gardeners to wheat and cattle farmers. Our Agribusiness specialist accountants work closely with you and will play a key role in your business journey. Our Agribusiness accounting team will guide and advise farmers and growers so clients can make important financial and strategic business decisions with ease, allowing clients to focus on their business.




What We Do:

At USEA, we understand the different factors affecting the farming and grower industry. Our services are customised to each client with the purpose of helping agribusiness owners to get closer to their goals.

Apart from compliance and bookkeeping services, our business planning and monitoring services help agribusinesses better manage their finances, cash flow and debt obligations.

Business Advisory

We offer a full range of advisory services to provide you with vital information about your business. Along with our guidance, you will be able to recognise smart business practices and decisions. By understanding your business goals and needs, our aim is to lead you to business success and sustainable growth.


It is essential to have accurate and timely financial records in order to run a successful business. Investing in a good bookkeeper and bookkeeping processes and systems will allow you to have an accurate picture of your business’s financial standing. This data can help you make real-time decisions for your business.

Accounting and Compliance

We will prepare your business financial statements and help you with complying with the taxation regulation. Your USEA accountant will also work with you on your business taxation strategy so you’re not paying more tax unnecessarily.

Debt Reduction and Management

It is common, especially for primary producer businesses, to have large finance obligations, resulting from properties, machinery, and equipment acquisition. High level of debt can put a lot of strain to a business’ cash flow especially during tough time. Our debt management and debt reduction strategies can help you deal with these concerns.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Our forecasting and budgeting services are financial tools that are used to lead your business to success. Budgeting refers to the plan for where you want to take the company in the future. By estimating the amount of income and outgoing in the future, the financial forecast can identify if your business is headed in the right direction.

Cash Flow and Profitability Review

Cash flow and profit are both equally important for small medium businesses. Negative cash flow may affect your future earning capability, while low profitability may affect your business cash flow. The review will allow you to evaluate the financial health of your business, whether or not you should take on investment or re-strategise your business.

Business Monitoring and Improvement

Once your business decisions and modifications are set in place, we can monitor your business financial performance. The insights in business monitoring are useful information that allows you to quickly identify if the business is heading in the right direction or to respond accordingly, and to make small continuous improvements for your business.

How We Work With Our Clients


We begin by looking at your future objective for the business and the issues it is currently facing.


We ensure that the business has the correct basic foundation, such as modern accounting systems, up-to-standard bookkeeping, and accounting file. From there then we will work together with you on what your business can try to achieve in the next 12 months.


Once the planning is completed and the business is ready, we will then work on preparing forecasts followed by monthly or, at least, quarterly monitoring and discussions.

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